St Mark Square and the heart of Venice

Arrival to St Mark square by launch from where the  guided walking tour will start. The Byzantine facade of St. Mark’s Cathedral – one of the world most magnificent churches – will immediately claim attention. It was originally constructed in the 9th century to shelter the body of St. Mark the Patron Saint of Venice. Only traces of the original structure remain and the present building, although altered through the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries, dates from the end of the 11th century. The exterior with its domes, pinnacles and bronze horses contrast with its glowing interior of gold mosaics, elaborate carvings and graceful statuary.
murano.jpgThe tour continues to the Doge’ s Palace, the former residence of the Dukes of Venice and the seat of Venetian government from the  9th century until the fall of the Republic in 1797.  Although no traces of the 9th century Byzantine structure remain, the present graceful palace – richly ornamented both inside and out – date from the 14th century and is considered by many to be the most exquisite in the world.  A visit up the famous Golden Staircase to marvel at the painting of Tintoretto and Veronese and wander through the echoing Great Council Chamber where one can enjoy a splendid panorama of the St. Mark’s Basin from the balcony.
Crossing the attractively decorated and famous gateway, the Bridge of Sighs, which leads to the prison across the Rio the Palazzo to view the dreaded cells. The bridge originally named for the prisoner’s fate, is now often referred to for romance.
In addition to these magnificent buildings there is plenty to entertain, with elegant cafés, open-air orchestras ans smart boutiques beneath the arcades of the Procuratie. In and around the square are small workshops of the glass manufacturers and a visit will be made to one of these before the tour is concluded. Return to the ship will be by  launch.

Venice by gondola

There are two musts for any visitor to Venice: a stroll through St. Mark’s Square and a gondola ride through the city waterways.
This tour starts with a ride in a launch to St. Mark’s Square, the hub of Venice, docking at Cornoldi pier. At the gondola station, a gondolier will welcome you aboard his sleek, black craft for an unforgettable 45-minute ride through picturesque canals, crossed by stone bridges.
At the end of the gondola tour, free time is given to passengers to walk through St. Mark’ s square (Piazza San Marco), the heart and soul of Venice, often described as the most elegant drawing room in Europe with its palatial arcades, sumptuous buildings and charming cafes. It is the city’s widest open area and is always wonderfully animated by various kinds of entertainment. In addition to its magnificent buildings there is plenty to entertain, with elegant cafés, open-air orchestras and smart boutiques beneath the arcades of the Procuratie.

Flavours and Motors of Italy

Ferrari and Balsamic Vinegar: Transfer by private deluxe coach to Maranello. The territory of Modena, as well as all the region, is celebrated for their oeno-gastronomy but not only for that. The personality of Enzo Ferrari , founder of the famous car building company with its history and success, capture the attention.
Our tour will so include a visit to Ferrari Gallery where are exposed some of the famous red horse car for the F1  lovers,  and the visit  of one of the most important producer of “Traditional Balsamic Vinegar”., the Acetaia Malpighi, prestigious firm visited every year by more than  20,000 visitors. There you can see , taste and understand the real Balsamic Vinegar , one of Modena’s most authentic products, stepped in local tradition. It can be traced back to the eleventh century and is known to have been used by the Dukes of  the D’ Este family as a “royal gift”. Balsamic vinegar is excellent with numerous traditional dishes, and not just those of  Modena, providing a delicious addition to every course, from starters to desserts.
During the visit you will see all the products produced in the Acetaia and the procedure for aging Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and you can taste all our products and visit the little shop. At the end of the visit, return to the ship in Ravenna.

San Marino

San Marino is the oldest republic of Europe, founded by St Marinus, a 4th–century monk and stonemason forced to flee the religious persecution of the Emperor Diocletian.
With him was St Leo, the founder of the nearby town of San Leo, with his impressive great fortress.
Situated on the slopes of Monte Titano, the Republic has its own mint, stamps, football team, even its own 1,000-strong army.
There are no customs formalities in this small country, whose borders are just 12 km apart at the widest point.
The tour will include the visit of  the Church of San Francesco, (founded in 1361) the oldest piece of work of the Republic, and of Piazza della Libertà , with the Government palace and Torre Guaita. Under it, there is an interesting antique system of cisterns connected together for the collection of rain water, once used as a water reserve for the citizens of San Marino. Return to the ship at Ravenna port.
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